I've noticed that server IUF_2vs2 [Leauge] and IUF_Team [Leauge] are empty at 99,9% of time and that in Italy there aren't any 1on1 servers.

With UT2k3 incoming, can we have a IUF_Duel server (protected by password - only for IUF members) in order to breath some oldskool-1on1-air sometimes?

Map-cycle proposed:

and if you want, you can add an UT Map-pack:

IUF members, please post if you agree. Thx.
DM-Agony for Unreal alredy exist?
Damn i work like a donkey to convert this map for unreal damn!
Turbine exist? lol i'm working on it naturally i substand at the IUF RULEZ!
Anyway for me is a great idea specially for the 1on1 server.
CU lamahz
Well, Kut, i agree. And thanks for your post
Hormok, I read you converted DM-Agony in the other post, then I thought we can add it to the server.

Any admin here?
i dont agree for a simple reason...right now there are 4 duel servers (tcp, jolt, jolt, [euro-100mbit]) all with good ping, to have a duel server would mean:
- kill Team: no way!
-kill 2vs2: there are no other 2vs2 servers....
-kill DM: some new stuff is coming for the DM, imho more interesting than have the 5th duel server...
Morpheus, evidently I don't ping as good as you.

For me and for other people it's not the same ping 40 and ping 140.

I've only said that the only IUF server in which sometimes there are people is the DM server. Other two servers are always empty.

Nobody plays IUF league. I've asked to play the Finals and maybe we'll play in the Team server in a future...

But 2vs2 is always empty. Then, it's totally useless... and when GameArena had the only 1on1 server, it was always full because a lot of people want to play duel with low ping.

Unreal 1 is fucked up... all people play other games (as DAoC... ), then as member of IUF I'd like to see more players on servers and to play some kewl duels as 2 years ago...

It's not a crazy request, there are a lot of reasonings!
E dalle parole di Tam: " inutile lasciare server attivi vuoti..."

Appunto, visto che la macchina è la stessa, basta cambiare settaggi e mapcycle e almeno un minimo si riempiono. E tra l'altro i servers Duel succhiano meno banda (maxplayers 2, maxspectators 2).
Non male come idea,ma kut il 2vs2 non è mai vuoto ,perchè viene usato appunto per i duelz.Il team sta battendo un po' la fiacca ,invece il dm sta rullando parecchio.
Non lo so' sentiamo altri membri iuf e vediamo cosa dicono
I'm not saying it's a crazy request! I've already explained my opinion.

you and other people are shocking me! 40 is not 140?
But you and other people dont have duels if your ping is higher than 50?

Just wait that Udokuoio comes back from holidays and you'll get the gold cup all for you.
Anyway we can continue here:
as the "problem" is another one
Ah ok.
My job don't go to bitch i'm happy for this. (DM-Turbine already ready )
Anyway replace one server with a 1vs1 it's a good idea...for me.
How many times We host 1on1 server to play a duel with our friends?
I'm not a tecnic on server configuration and i can't say my think about, but if something it's able to do pls do it.
CU lmh lol
uffa non ci capisco niente con sto inglese...

La mia Ignoranza rulla poco!!
Riassumendo Kirk, visto che nessuno gioca più nei server 2vs2 e Team e visto che l'unico server italiano 1on1, quando c'era, era sempre pieno, ho proposto di settare uno dei 2 server come Duel (magari con maxplayers 3 per permettere agli spettatori di entrare, ma sempre con password only IUF), e in più nel map-cycle, oltre ad Ariza-Curse-Deck-Sinfonia, inserire anche alcune ottime mappe da duel importate da UT, tra cui quelle rifatte da Hormok.

Se siete d'accordo, postate.
Yeah, mettetelo che torno pure io

MA gioca solo in 2 ..
Ok ok vada per il duelz.
X jolly:Tu statti li'
grazie Kut

Duel =
I love 2 vs 2.
To make a duel we can:
1) use the 2vs2 server
2) hosting each others (..but I know, the pings hosted/hosting are different....)

However I think it's better a 2vs2 not full every time than a 1vs1 allways full (so a player must wait a lot to play)

I can allways create a mini-league (or mini-turney) for duels, using the 2vs2 server;
what about a weekly "duels-day"?
Well we have always used 2vs2 for duels, i dont know why change the server...everybody like 2vs2 and duels, this way we have both duels and 2vs2
I dont think there is the need of a "serious" league, every night there is someone on the dm, and then we move somewhere for duels, 2vs2, stay there or just need to join!
I think THIS is community, find us and then play
I haven't admin pass, then I can't switch maps in 2vs2 server... e.g. playing a duel in Observatory with TL 20 and FL 30 is not so cool. ^^

}TCP{Wolf made a mutator to have "a 2vs2 to 5vs5 flexible server", then you can use one server for all type of TeamGame.

I proposed a different server for 1on1 with different maps only for 1on1, something never made before, with 4 best Duel-maps of U1 (Deck, Sinfonia, Curse, Ariza) and 3-4 best Duel-maps of UT (Liandri, Codex, Agony, Turbine), with FL 10, maxplayers 3 (free-enter for specs), maxspectators 2. It would be cool, IMHO.

P.S.: if only someone would make a Vote Mutator for Unreal 1 as the UT one...