our current album online for FREE download-your oppinion wanted


mi chiamo sam. i am from vienna so my italian isn't very good but i did learn it at school i am a musician from vienna and we - "Fresh" - have put our current album online for free download. we'd love you to download it and tell us what you think! what do you like, what not?

get it here: http://fresh.nethotel.at/freshalbum.htm

thanx a lot
non male bravi

a parte quella in tetesco
gracie. mi piace che tu ha audito il album?!?! is that totally wrong? it's long since i learned italian...sorry...i am embaressed.
parla come un negro...


it's not totally wrong but needs some fix.

graZie. sono contento ("sono contento" sounds better than "mi piace" in that sentence. In english "sono contento" is more like "im glad") che tu abbia (subjunctive) sentito (audito seems an archaism from Latin speech ) l'album.

not bad indeed, keep up the good work
the opening track is nice
@Fr4nK. thanks...i am so embaressed my italian is terrible. i think i am going to look for my schoolbooks and start learning again.
Noio volevam savuar l'indiriss...

Just kidding, believe in jesus

mmh... definitively not my cup of tea, I listened to "Monday Morning Girl", the opening guitar part reminds me of the rolling stones and the track reminds me of weezer. It's very melodic and easy listening, so if this is your aim (and I guess it is), you reached it

sono saputo, io
come sei idiomatico Para

concerning the songs, I'm still listening... they're nice, not my cup either , musically nothing new but I really liked the vocals, overally well structured, harmonized and sung.

my fav is the german one smooth and jazzy

don't be embarassed, let the music speak...

ah and my fav is the german one like aresius... nice 'n jazzy.

quando fai il poliglotta mi fai arrapare
si ma è un citer

lui traduce i videogheims
Para can he's such a badass

I'm the ultimate badass


il senso è completamente diverso Bapho
ma la battuta di aliens è "last badass"