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[COD 2]Guide RCON - Optimize CFG - Script

Call of Duty 2 Cvar & Command Server Information

Map Name


Sample Maplist

sv_MapRotation "gametype ctf map mp_breakout gametype hq map mp_brecourt gametype tdm map mp_burgundy gametype ctf map mp_carentan gametype hq map mp_dawnville gametype tdm map mp_decoy gametype ctf map mp_downtown gametype hq map mp_farmhouse gametype tdm map mp_leningrad gametype ctf map mp_matmata gametype hq map mp_railyard gametype tdm map mp_toujane gametype ctf map mp_trainstation"

Console Commands

Please note that a / (Forward Slash) IS required to use the in-game console correctly. Be very carefull when entering your rcon login information.

/rcon login [RCONPASSWORD]
Login to remote rcon.

/rcon serverinfo
Shows the current server's settings.

/rcon systeminfo
Shows the current System Information.

/rcon status
Displays info of all the players on the server.

/rcon exec [FILENAME]
Executes a Server Config File (located in your server's main directory)

/rcon writeconfig [FILENAME]
Saves a Server Config File

/rcon say
Post a console message to all players.

Map Commands

/rcon map mapname
Loads the map specified by mapname.

/rcon map_rotate
Loads next map in rotation set in sv_maprotation.

/rcon map_restart
Reloads the map.

/rcon fast_restart
Restarts the map.

Kick/Ban Commands

/rcon kick [NAME]
Kicks a player by name from the server. (Must include Color Codes)

/rcon kick all
Kicks all players from the server.

/rcon onlykick [NAME]
Kicks a player by name from the server. (Does not need Color Codes)

/rcon onlykick all
Kicks all players from the server.

/rcon clientkick [ID]
Kicks a player by client id from the server.

/rcon banUser [NAME]
Bans a user by their ingame name. Writes their GUID to ban.txt

/rcon banClient [ID]
Bans a user by their client number. Writes their GUID to ban.txt

/rcon tempBanUser [NAME]
Kicks and temporarily bans player by name from server.

/rcon tempBanClient [ID]
Kicks and temporarily bans player by client id from server

/rcon unbanuser [NAME]
Unban every player banned with [name]. If you want to unban a single player whose name appears more than once, you should edit "ban.txt" manually.

Call of Duty 2 Client Game Guide

Opening Console

For those gamers who are new to Call of Duty Two or it’s your first multiplayer game you can open the engine console by pressing the keyboard button under the esc button marked with ¬`|, normally it’s located next to the number 1 on a standard QWERTY keyboard.

Note: Keyboard Instruction is for the European version (uk).

Colours In Alias

With the Doom3 Engine it is possible to introduce coloured characters to your Alias (name). There are nine colours, which can be applied within game. They are as follows;

^00 - Black, ^0 - Grey, ^1 – Red , ^2 – Green, ^3 – Yellow, ^4 – Blue, ^5 - Light Blue, ^6 – Pink, ^7 – White

To apply colours to your name with the console, open the console and type /name then a space enter the alias with the colours you would like displayed within it then press enter.

/name ^1E^2x^3a^4m^5p^6l^1e >> Example

Creating a Autoexec.cfg

First of All open Notepad, it is normally located in the accessories section of the Windows Start menu. Once Notepad is open you need to save the file as Autoexec.cfg not Autoexec.cfg.txt file under the Main folder of Call of Duty Two. Once the file is saved you can enter the various commands to improve your game. The commands listed within this guide are based on manual entry while ingame to enter them in a Autoexec.cfg place seta infront of the command and remove the / heres an example;

seta cl_maxpackets “100”

The seta command executes the command when the Autoexec.cfg loads. When the game loads if the game doesn’t appear to have changed open the console and type exec autoexec.cfg. The file will then execute. Always save the Autoexec.cfg after you entered the commands.

Common Commands

/sensitivity {Values 1 to 999}
A simple command which alters the mouse sensitivity. When setting your sensitivity setting the value you enter results in how your player’s perspective changes while moving the mouse. The faster the movement of the mouse the quicker the viewpoint changes the higher the sensitivity the quicker this reaction happens and the less force is needed for the viewpoint to change. Mouse sensitivity is something completely unique to you; choose the sensitivity you feel hopeful with. One tip when choosing a sensitivity, judge it upon how long it takes for you to do a complete 180-degree turn. 4 or 5 movements will result in your quick death. So try and aim for 2 movements or less, so result in a quick exchange of fire.

/rate {Values 5000 to 25000} speed in which the information is sent between the client and the server.
Recommended Setting 25000 for ADSL

/snaps {Values 20 to 40} Sets the number of downstream (i.e. server to client) packets per second which are desired to be received.
Recommended Setting 30

/cl_maxpackets {Values 30 to 100} Sets the number of upstream (i.e. client to server) packets per second, which are sent. Example - Server <-- cl_maxpackets <-- Client. Recommended Setting 100

/cg_drawFPS {Values 0 to 3} 0 turns FPS display off, 1 turns just FPS display on , 2 shows information about FPS and graphics, 3 shows stable FPS.
Recommended Setting 2

/cg_lagometer {Values 0 or 1} will display packet information in the form of a small graph, the graph displayed shows the amount of packetloss and lag the game is having.
Recommended Setting 1

Graphics Commands

/cg_blood {Values 0 or 1} – Enable (1) or Disable (0) blood spray with this command, using this command will give a small boost in Frames per second but won’t be noticeable on most systems.
Recommended Setting 0 (for low-end systems)

/cg_Drawdecals {Values 0 or 1} removes marks on the walls from gunfire, explosions and other physic related items.
Recommended Setting 0 (for low-end systems)

/cg_brass {Values 0 or 1} 0 will remove fragments like bullets and fire spray from weapons, this command will increase Frames per second on low end systems.
Recommended Setting 0 (for low-end systems)

/cg_marks {Values 0 or 1} removes bullet impact marks and textured effects from explosions. This command will improve performance from grenade impacts and heavy combat fire.
Recommended Setting 0 (for low-end systems)

/r_drawDecals {Values 0 or 1} removes marks on the walls from gunfire, explosions and other physic related items.
Recommended Setting 0 (for low-end systems)

/r_glow {Values 0 or 1} improves performance, especially for lower-end cards, without reducing image quality.
Recommended Setting 0 (for low-end systems)

/r_picmip {Values 0,1,2} 0 – Best, 1 – Medium, 2 – Poor. Using picmip level 2 will increase Frames per Second on low end systems because it reduces the quality of the textures used while playing the game.
Recommended Setting 2 (for low-end systems)

/r_picmip_bump {Values 0,1,2} 0 – Best, 1 – Medium, 2 – Poor. To greatly improve performance use level 2 to improve FPS.
Recommended Setting 2 (for low-end systems)

/r_picmip_spec {Values 0,1,2} 0 – Best, 1 – Medium, 2 – Poor. Specular lighting level, using level 2 will improve the performance of the game on Low End Systems.
Recommended Setting 2 (for low-end systems)

/r_anisotropy {Values 0 to 16} sets the level of anisotropy lighting, if you have a poor graphics card use 0 as the default is 8.
Recommended Setting 0 (for low-end systems)



script per le demo:

seta demo_start "record; set demo_tog vstr demo_stop"
seta demo_stop "stoprecord; set demo_tog vstr demo_start"
seta demo_tog "vstr demo_start"
bind tastochevuoi "vstr demo_tog"

premendo un solo tasto registri e stoppi la demo sempre con lo stesso, e non vengono sovrascritte ma vanno in sequenza di nome

With most competitive leagues within Europe and Australia there is a requirement to record demos the following section explains how to record demos on Call of Duty Two and rewatch them within game.

First of all to start recording a demo open the console and type /Record demoname press enter and the demo will start to record. I would recommend getting into the habit of recording demos regularly.

To end the demo you need to open the console again and type /StopRecord the demo will automatically stop recording. You can now re-watch the demo or a demo which is in your main folder of Call of Duty Two by typing /Demo demoname the game will play back a pre-recorded demo when the enter button has been pressed.

If you have a keen interest in developing Frag Movies then you can now record in AVI by using the following command /cl_avidemo when set to 1 the game will start recording frames for a demo movie. These frames record in a .tga format. Only use this command when your rewatching a pre-recorded demo as it will seriously lag your game. Set this command to 1 when not watching pre-recorded demo’s.


controllate il lagometer e gli fps con un solo tasto

seta lagfps_ON "cg_drawfps 1; cg_drawlagometer 1; set lagfps vstr lagfps_OFF"
seta lagfps_OFF "cg_drawfps 0; cg_drawlagometer 0; set lagfps vstr lagfps_ON"
seta lagfps "vstr lagfps_ON"
bind TASTOCHEVUOI "vstr lagfps"


con i tasti pgup e pgdown regolate il gamma in game senza dover uscire dal gioco

bind PGUP "vstr gamma15"
bind PGDN "vstr gamma13"
set gamma10 "seta r_gamma 1.0;bind PGUP vstr gamma11;bind PGDN vstr gamma20"
set gamma11 "seta r_gamma 1.2;bind PGUP vstr gamma12;bind PGDN vstr gamma10"
set gamma12 "seta r_gamma 1.4;bind PGUP vstr gamma13;bind PGDN vstr gamma11"
set gamma13 "seta r_gamma 1.6;bind PGUP vstr gamma14;bind PGDN vstr gamma12"
set gamma14 "seta r_gamma 1.8;bind PGUP vstr gamma15;bind PGDN vstr gamma13"
set gamma15 "seta r_gamma 2.0;bind PGUP vstr gamma16;bind PGDN vstr gamma14"
set gamma16 "seta r_gamma 2.2;bind PGUP vstr gamma17;bind PGDN vstr gamma15"
set gamma17 "seta r_gamma 2.4;bind PGUP vstr gamma18;bind PGDN vstr gamma16"
set gamma18 "seta r_gamma 2.6;bind PGUP vstr gamma19;bind PGDM vstr gamma17"
set gamma19 "seta r_gamma 2.8;bind PGUP vstr gamma20;bind PGDN vstr gamma18"
set gamma20 "seta r_gamma 3.0;bind PGUP vstr gamma10;bind PGDN vstr gamma19"
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