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Old 5th September 2016, 12:46   #1
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A proposito di UFO, HD 164595 e notizie da Studio Aperto...

Probabilmente, nei giorni scorsi, vi sarà giunta voce di una interferenza captata da un radio telescopio russo, proveniente dalla costellazione di Ercole.
Se ne sono lette e sentite di tutti i colori, quasi a ricordare che spesso l'iscrizione all'albo dei giornalisti, la regalano nelle merendine.
Fortunatamente, dopo poche ore, il SETI, tramite il suo client ha reso noto che:

[email protected]: "Baffling" "signal" "from HD 164595" is probably none of the above.
I'm sure that many of you have seen the news reports of a "SETI signal" detected from the star HD 164595

I was one of the many people who received the the email with the subject "Candidate SETI SIGNAL DETECTED by Russians from star HD 164595 by virtue of RATAN-600 radio telescope." Since the email did come from known SETI researchers, I looked over the presentation. I was unimpressed. In one out of 39 scans that passed over star showed a signal at about 4.5 times the mean noise power with a profile somewhat like the beam profile. Of course [email protected] has seen millions of potential signals with similar characteristics, but it takes more than that to make a good candidate. Multiple detections are a minimum criterion.

Because the receivers used were making broad band measurements, there's really nothing about this "signal" that would distinguish it from a natural radio transient (stellar flare, active galactic nucleus, microlensing of a background source, etc.) There's also nothing that could distinguish it from a satellite passing through the telescope field of view. All in all, it's relatively uninteresting from a SETI standpoint.

But, of course, it's been announced to the media. Reporters won't have the background to know it's not interesting. Because the media has it, and since this business runs on media, everyone will look at it. ATA is looking at it. I assume Breakthrough will look at it. Someone will look at it with Arecibo, and we'll be along for the ride. And I'll check the [email protected] database around that position. And we'll all find nothing. It's not our first time at this rodeo, so we know how it works.
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