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Old 1st May 2013, 11:40   #931
lupetto supremo
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Originally Posted by Fech View Post
un po' mi ha commosso questo post, dico sul serio , gli anni passati su gib - quipo - numerica - lmctf ... per quanto mi riguarda rimarranno irripetibili
mi sono sentito , insieme a pochi altri, un fortunato pioniere del gioco online e nessuno che non ha vissuto la stessa esperienze potrà mai capire questo atipico sentimento, mescolanza fra nostalgia e gioia di aver fatto parte di un qualcosa di speciale e irripetibile
una perfetta sintesi.
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Old 26th May 2013, 20:21   #932
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Ho abbattuto il mio primo Tank Commander con il Railgun, il giorno dopo la mia Cresima!!
Il soldato del Signore è a rapporto.
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Old 8th July 2013, 18:04   #933
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Originally Posted by Every View Post
Non si è MAI vecchi per queste stronzate

Se molli invecchi prima...fidati
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Old 19th October 2013, 22:41   #934
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Incredibile....quanti ricordi..quanti nomi e battaglie mai dimenticate....
un saluto a tutti. Ma soprattutto a Drugo, ai CDG ai LEX ed ai miei QV e poi AI :Zan , Kodoku, Target, Daky..
Se volete scrivetemi sulla solita mail [email protected]
Grande nostalgia...
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Old 25th December 2013, 05:17   #935
folk on
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23 dic 2013, 5vs5 ctf q2 lan

2 esterni (akuma&friend)
bnet profile: inc#2439

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Old 25th December 2013, 23:21   #936
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Buon Natale a tutti i vecchi quakers!

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Old 20th April 2015, 22:59   #937
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Ogni tanto torno a rileggere questo fantastico topic... incredibile quante ne abbiamo passate insieme maledetti bottari.

E quanto cazzo mi railava quel fenomeno di Fech per esempio!

Un saluto davvero davvero sentito a tutti da Kant o Kantuccio o Insane
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Insane a.k.a. Kant
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Old 10th June 2016, 23:51   #938
Dura LeX, sed LeX!
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Rega, torno su questi lidi dopo una full immersion a Doom... devo dire che come atmosfera, più che il primo doom a me ha ricordato molto q2, non per il gameplay (molto più frenetico il doom di oggi, proprio un altro gioco), ma per via dei nemici, del feeling demonico-meccanico... insomma, se vi capita giocateci (possibilmente in modalità nightmare ) perché secondo me non ve ne pentirete!
(ovviamente sto parlando del single player, ormai il multi l'ho appeso al chiodo da quasi un decennio :P)
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Old 18th January 2017, 20:40   #939
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MMMiiiiii non ci posso creeedeere !!!!

Ma guarda in cosa mi sono imbattuto !!!!!!


Mamma mia quanti ricordi.

Un salutone a tutti

Quasi dimenticavo....


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Old 18th February 2017, 09:56   #940
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hello everyone! hola! Ciao!

i dont speak much italian sorry
io non parlare molto italiano mi dispiace

hello everyone! my name is Beav in Quake2 just want to say hi and hope some of you still read these forums..

Quake2 has been dying for very long time... but there is still so much life left in it! come back and play Quake2!

there is a new remake of Quake2 coming out its called Quetoo

here is video on youtube so you can see the gameplay its just like Quake2! even quake2 maps work in Quetoo! it uses quake3 type player models.. theres a ton of moddifications and improvment on the Quake2 engine the netccode is drastically improved as well as the graphics!

you can read more about Quetoo at

also if you are on steam.. please vote for Quetoo for Greenlight!

here is the link

have you guys heard of Discord??? its a chat program kind of like IRC.. or ICQ.. with teamspeak/ventrilo/mumble voice chat built in.. Quake communties are spring up all over on it! hope someone will take the time to check it out and make an Italian Quake 2 discord... or maybe a European Quake2 discord maybe both? why not

you can join 20 discord servers if you want or even more! and click or tap between them with ease so you are connected to many different gaming chat rooms.. one for Quake2 europe.. one for quake2 north america... one for that new modern game you playing... overwatch battlefield or whatever it is...

here are some invite links to some Quake related Discord servers and a few other FPS games just click any of them and it will take u to that discord server

when u close the program or logout it will remember all the servers you were on... all the chat/text is logged so when u log back in u can see all the chat thats happens since you were away.

check some of them out n get some ideas for creating your own Italian Quake 2 revival Discord chat server make another one for larger scale Quake 2 Europe.. get in touch with the polish... the russians.. the germans.. the UK and whoever else plays quake2!

come say hi to me ask any questions you want and ill do my best to help you.

im in USA Texas... but i do play on Latvia LFire CTF sometimes its busy every day almost 3v3 4v4 5v5 6v6 pretty common... 160ms for me from USA... but from Italy.. and Europe... you should ping well i would think to Latvia.. or a lot better than i do! .. ive tried the German Rocket Arena 2 server but hard to get people playing there...

we have a UK Railwarz CTF (instaGib CTF + lazer hook very fast server).. and theres tons of TDM servers across Europe..

Quetoo is still in beta... but its making a lot of progress everyday!

so im sure that will breath a lot of life back into the quake2 world long as you dont mind the upgrade..

ive played Quake2 for 15-20 years... and Quetoo is made for people who love Quetoo... theres elements from Quake 1 2 3 4 live Doom Unreal etc

but if you love Quake 2 you will love this!

hope you guys all wake up n not forget how great Quake 2 is!!

Quake 2 Community Forums, Discord Chat Servers, Links, File Downloads, etc Community Forums

TMG Mod source for Railwarz

Railwarz Server setup starter package

All CTF Textures

7500 Maps Zipped up

Home of the Godspeed TMG Railwarz Bot Master

ACME LFire CTF and Railwarz CTF community and forums

LMCTF - Lokis Minions CTF home page

Expert CTF mod Home Page

Action Quake 2 mod Home Page

Digital Paintball 2 Home Page

European/Worldwide TDM Quake 2 Community

Italian Quake2 Forums

Russian Quake2 Forums

World Wide Esports forums (Quake series)

Polish Quake2 Forums

French Quake2 Forums

Quake 1 Forums

Quake 1 Wiki

Quake 3/4 Forums

Quake 1 Single player map collection (many mirrored file collections for all quakes)

Mapping Level Editor Tools (a lot)

Quake 2 Mod files (a vast collection)

Bethseda Quake Forums

polish quake2 facebook group

Quake 2 Facebook Community Groups

Railwarz CTF

Expert CTF

L Fire CTF


Rocket Arena 2

L-Fire Euro CTF

Quake 2 Discord Community Groups (Voice/Text Chat! Welcome to the future!)

Q2RxClan Quake 2 Railers Discord

Quake 2 Railwarz Community Discord

LMCTF Discord

Expert CTF Discord

Quake 2 TastyspleenTV Discord (Rocket Arena 2/ActionQ2/Railwarz/QLive)

Quake 2 ACME Discord (L Fire/Railwarz/Overwatch)

Quake (Quake Live 1 2 3 4 Champions)

Quake The FPS Game (Quake Series)

Quakeworld Discord (Quake 1)

Quake Universe Discord

Quetoo discord (future of quake2 with modern graphics)

Overfrag discord (Quake Live instaCTF instaFreeze Tag Over Watch)

Quake Universe (IDTech Games and all things Quake!)

other discord servers

Arena FPS Discord (all arena FPS Games)

Official Reflex -
Quake Live DNF -
QuakeWorld Rookies -
Quake 3 CPMA -
Quake 4 -
Open Arena -
Xonotic -
Devil Daggers -
Arms of Telos -
Insight -
Toxikk -
Nexuiz (2012) -
Unreal Tournament -
World DOOM League -
Diabotical -
Unreal Tournament -

also i just got into mapping..

Railwarz CTF (instagib CTF) is my long time favorite mod for Quake2... but i love all the CTF LMCTF Expert CTF LFire CTF Rocket Arena 2 Rail only instagib ... i never really got into DM or TDM much but ive been exploring maps from all mods in Quake2 to learn and see what styles are out there...

ive gathered quite the collection of maps but would like to see more if anyone is willing to zip up and share all their quake2 folders mainly the maps... and textures from any mods they played.

CTF maps... and small instagib type arena maps are my favorites thats im really searching for... but anything send it my way i want to see

this is what i have so far... its a lot to look through so dont worry about if i already have it just send me ur maps! and textures!

id love to find some rare or unlreased maps that have been made from the italian Quake 2 community..

the nekaCTF maps were really cool! i have nekactf1 2 3 and 4

not sure what else came out of italy but id love to see!

cheers! ciao! hope to hear back from you guys!

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