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Old 27th April 2012, 08:35   #61
High LOL Autism
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Originally Posted by Jeppy View Post
peter, ok.
Last edited by Dennis128; Tomorrow at 25:01.
I'm not weird, i'm Just differently wired!
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Old 27th April 2012, 08:48   #62
Il Demente
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Originally Posted by LeChuck View Post
Dai che ci provo pure io ....

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Old 27th April 2012, 09:35   #63
Ex falso quodlibet
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per jeppy.

Voglio il like per i singoli post!
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Old 27th April 2012, 10:16   #64
Il Freddo Calcolatore
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Originally Posted by >>>Gionni>>> View Post
il ponte del 1 maggio
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Old 27th April 2012, 13:55   #65
F=m*a wins alone.
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Pro, GG & Skillato (cit.)
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