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Originally Posted by Krudar View Post
Che vuol dire "praticamente terminato"
Letto il link?

It is with great excitement that we announce today the release of Build 29! With this major update, Grim Dawn has now become Feature and Content Complete! This is a tremendous milestone for the game and we are proud of the work that has gone into bringing it this far. We could not be more thrilled to share it with you.

What Content Complete means to you, the players, is that you now have full access to all of the game’s content, items and difficulty modes. Nothing is blocked off, no quests remain that cannot be completed. There is no cruel Clone of John Bourbon awaiting you at the end of the line to tell you that you must wait for the next update. Starting today, you have the full experience from start to finish.

With Build 29, the finale of the story is now accessible.

Con il prossimo update si limiteranno al bilanciamento e al bug fix, per uscire quindi dall'EA.
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