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spiace dirlo ma

Marek ".PhP" Kadek is one of the players in seattle. This is what he wrote on :
- this game is not going to replace CS 1.6, or CS:S, it is primary made for consoles, PC version is just kind of a "bonus"
- at the moment, the game looks more like HL2DM
- There is no recoil and there will never be. (because of the consoles)
- the game runs on L4D2 engine
- SourceTV is NOT a priority
- they are working on match making system
- new money system
- no kevlar (this should be fixed in the future)
- maps are simplyfied for XBOX style, less ways, most fights are close range
- Hidden Path (Valve only finances the game) is trying to make all weapons balanced.

Valve is going to continue updating CS:S, and tomorrow they will also talk with the players about the future of CS:S...
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